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Social Security Disability

· According to the Social Security Administration, it is extremely difficult to obtain SS disability benefits without an attorney

· Your attorney can help you complete the forms the Social Security Administration sends to you

· Your attorney can work with your doctors to get the reports needed to help establish your entitlement to SS disability benefits

· Your attorney can work with vocational experts to provide documentation and/or testimony regarding the feasibility of your ability to return to work

· If you need to go to a hearing, your attorney will prepare you and be with you at the hearing to help you testify


In order to be eligible to apply for social security disability benefits, you must have not worked for one year, or have a doctor's opinion that you will not be able to work at any job.  It normally takes one to two years to get the benefits in place.

Our office represents clients who wish to apply for social security disability benefits and want legal representation. Please be aware our office only represents cases in Santa Clara and Alameda Counties. 

Applications can be obtained at any  social security administration, If you have any questions about the application, you should ask the staff at the social security office. They are generally very helpful.

Once you have applied for social security benefits, If you want us to represent you, Please contact our office for representation. We will have you sign the appointment of representative form and the fee agreement. Under the Federal rules, we are allowed to charge up to 25% of your lump sum award or $ 6000.00, whichever is less.  If your claim is denied, we will request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. We will submit all appropriate medical records in your behalf.

When the hearing date has been set, you will be scheduled to meet with your attorney approximately one week before the hearing date to prepare you for the hearing. The hearing last from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and in addition to the Judge and his clerk, vocational and medical experts may be present to testify regarding your case.

The judge's decision will be made within 1-6 months after the hearing. If the decision is unfavorable, and we believe it was incorrectly made, we will file an appeal with the appeals council.

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